Manager's Expertise

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ali-ishaqMr. Ali Ahmed Ishaq is the Officer in charge with 24 years experience in the following:

  • Arab legal accountant and member of the general union of Arab accountants and auditors.
  • Legal accountant and member of Yemeni legal accountants association
  • Authorized expert with the Yemen Center for Reconciliation and Arbitration.
  • Legal accountant and financial expert with the World Bank ( WB)
  • Financial and commercial accountant for several companies and commercial establishments.

He worked for SABA & Partners during the period (90-94) as auditing manager. During this period, he was in charge of auditing several commercial banks and establishments of both public, mixed and private sector companies such as the following:

  • Central Bank of Yemen
  • Yemen Bank for Re-construction and Development
  • Arab Bank
  • International Bank of Yemen
  • Yemen Kuwait Bank
  • Al-Rafidain Bank
  • The Public Corporation for Telecommunication
  • The Public Corporation for Water and Sanitation
  • Yemen Economic Corporation
  • The Public Corporation of Electricity
  • The Public Corporation of Cement
  • Several companies affiliated to the private sector
  • In addition to several private sector companies.
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