Special services and businessmen services

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1- Special services:

  1. Accounting investigation works needed by our clients for providing opinion to the concerned authorities.
  2. Prepare financial and managerial systems ; costs systems for companies and corporations.
  3. Reassessment services for assets and liabilities for factories and companies with their various purposes (incorporation, liquidation, local currency rate decrease ,………ect)
  4. Accounting works related to companies' liquidation.
  5. Tax consulting and representing companies before the tax authority.
  6. Prepare tax acknowledgments.
  7. Prepare estimated budgets for the purpose of planning and administrative programming.
  8. Auditing the activities of the accounting procedures and internal control systems.
  9. Credit conditions auditing.
  10. Checking out the financial agreements such as (sales contracts, Concession, commissions …ect).

2- Businessmen services (our clients from the private sector):

  1. Carry out negotiation on behalf of the clients.
  2. Select local agents for foreign exporters.
  3. Select international suppliers for our clients.
  4. Market study.
  5. Checking and industrial assessment.
  6. Arrange schedules and agreements between our clients and other parties.
  7. Study of industrial information
  8. Conduct studies required by our clients.

3- Provision of staff (our clients from the private sector).

  1. Advertisement locally and externally for contracting with employees.
  2. Interview the candidates
  3. Prepare the final list of candidates with recommendations and providing them to the client.
  4. Provide advice on all administrative topics and self-impression related to the employees.

4- Computer using services:

  1. Study and evaluate the optimal options to acquire computer devices and expanding them.
  2. Evaluate computer software.
  3. Training on the optimal uses of computers in collaboration with the concerned parties and companies.
  4. Analyze systems and computer uses procedures.

5- Website Design and Web Hosting

  1. Website design services which include Dynamic website layout
  2. Mobile friendly, IPAD friendly website design
  3. Email and Website hosting as well as domain registration


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